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Stealthy Sales Tactics – How Your Existing Customers Can Help You Boost Revenue

Can you imagine having a highly effective sales person on your staff, and then never putting them to work? To most managers, that would be unthinkable! Despite this, companies miss out on opportunities every day to make the best possible use of the most effective sales and marketing team that they have access to. No, this isn’t some sales person sitting in an unused office down in the basement. This team comes from a much more unlikely source.

Your customers.

You might think, “But, I sell to my customers, they don’t sell for me!” Well, that is actually a gross oversimplification. If you give a customer exceptional customer service, they’re going to tell a friend, coworkers, or colleagues about the great experience they had with your company. That kind of word-of mouth sales tactic is far more effective and affordable than typical sales professionals. By putting the focus on these four customer service tactics, you can help turn your existing customers into stealthy salespeople, who will be out there in the world singing the praises of your company to anyone who will listen.

1. Prompt Responses to Issues

It doesn’t matter how effective your company is, once in a while something will go wrong that you couldn’t foresee. This principle applies whether you’re talking about a product malfunction or performing a service incorrectly for a customer. The goal is to first apologize sincerely for any problems the customer has experienced, and then simply and efficiently rectify the issue. The more complicated your return or resolution process is, the more frustrated a customer will get. On the other hand, quick issue resolution will leave you with a satisfied customer that will become an advocate for your company.

2. Soliciting Customer Feedback

When you ask your customers how they think you’re doing, you show them that you are working to always improve their customer experience. It’s important that this question isn’t just for show. You should really track what your customers are telling you, and try to implement suggestions when trends emerge. Customers trust a company that is willing to listen to its client base, especially if they see some of their suggestions implemented.

3. Customers Service Follow Ups

Everyone knows that it is important to follow up with customers. However, if you follow up a purchase with another sales call, you might just end up with frustrated clients. Instead, follow up by touching base with the customer to make sure they’re satisfied with your product or service. This demonstrates how you stand behind your product or service.

4. Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is a huge opportunity for your company. Done right, it can leave customers with a reason to re-tweet or share your content, essentially creating free marketing for your organization. Make sure when managing your online presence that team members always stay positive and focused on a great customer experience. As powerful as social media can be for creating a positive impression, it can also very quickly sink your reputation if something negative or embarrassing is posted. Make sure that any of your content that goes viral paints your company in a positive light.

This should make it clear how customer service can be your most potent sales weapon. Acena understands this principle. Reach out to us to find out how we can help turn your customers into powerful word-of-mouth advertisers for your organization.

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