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Industry-Leading Bilingual Virtual Receptionist Services

Our Bilingual virtual receptionists offer a variety of the most advanced inbound call services available so you never have to worry about a call going unanswered or interrupting the flow of your business. With our live telephone answering services conducted by fully-trained and professional virtual receptionists, your customers, vendors, and investors will know they are valued and are being treated accordingly.

For many businesses, if a potential customer is unable to get a hold of you when it is convenient for them, they will simply call someone else. People expect immediate and on-demand accessibility these days, but the in-house staffing costs to provide it can be prohibitive. Whether you operate a medical practice, law firm, retail outlet, or other business large or small, a partnership with Acena’s virtual receptionists ensures you’ll never miss an opportunity just because someone couldn’t answer the phone in time.

Bilingual Virtual Receptionists Keep You in Constant Contact

High-performing companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries trust their phone calls to our virtual receptionists, and that trust is rewarded with our own outstanding customer service and client guarantees. Our virtual receptionists use customized scripts to routinely cover calls from basic customer questions to order taking, appointment scheduling, and service dispatch. We even integrate unified communications so that your business will be represented in real-time regardless of what time zone your clients or customers are calling from.
And because you have live, fully-trained virtual receptionists representing your company the way you want to be represented, your callers remember your company as one that cares enough to keep its phones staffed with knowledgeable, easy-to-understand professionals. You enjoy the ability to provide customer service all day, every day, without the additional costs of extra staff or after hours employees.

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Medical Answering, Legal Answering, and Other Virtual Receptionist Services

Our virtual receptionist team is proud to offer medical and legal answering services, making your practice available to patients or clients around the clock. Everyone can rest easier knowing that an inbound call will be answered by a live human being who will know what to do with the information given, and who will maintain calm and confidentiality throughout every call.

Virtual receptionists can also assist in disaster recovery, emergency response, and compliance hotlines. Need your help desk services staffed, or want an easy way to achieve event registration or handle referral services? Our virtual receptionists can help you there, too!

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There’s no time like the present to give your business the efficiency and the quality customer service that will help it move forward. Why wait when you could begin enjoying the benefits of a full team of receptionists tomorrow, and at a fraction of the cost of a single staff member? Give us a call or contact us today, and let us show you how our virtual receptionists will help make your company the best it can be!

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Virtual Receptionist

Day or night, when your clients and customers call it is essential that the person they speak with conveys the feeling that their needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable, concerned member of your staff. Utilizing the most advanced computer-based applications in the industry, professional secretaries who represent your organization as if they worked in your office answer every call promptly, in your personalized answer phrase and are ready to address most issues immediately.

Voice Mail

Your callers hear your personalized voice greeting which offers a variety of different options to choose from. For non-urgent and routine office matters, callers can simply record a message into the appropriate Voice Mail box, which can be programmed to notify you each time a message is recorded (optional). Callers with time sensitive situations or emergencies will always have the option to press “0” and be connected to a Live Agent.

Overflow Receptionist

Eliminate hold times and busy signals during peak calling times. Acena will take your overflow call traffic at any time when all your lines are busy or when staff is unavailable to answer the call. The flexibility of this service means that you are only paying when we answer your calls, not during slower periods. You can guarantee callers will never be greeted with busy signals nor will urgent matters have to wait on hold until someone in your office can answer the call.

More Reasons to Use Appointment Setting Answering Services

  • Nights, weekends, holidays, your calls are answered by a live agent.
  • 100% custom scripting. Our team practically knows your practice, your doctors, and how you handle most any call. Your patients will never know their talking with a third party.
  • Your messages are delivered in real time by via text message, email, fax, paging or voice-mail, or by out call service. Tell us how you want your messages and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenses. In most case a few calls over an evening or on the weekends does not justify the cost of a full time employee with benefits.
  • If no response to an emergency call, our service will dispatch to multiple backup numbers.

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