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Bilingual Answering Service For Event Registrations

When it comes to planned events, accuracy matters, and so does every call. Make registering for your event effortless and efficient with our event registration answering service. With a professional receptionist answering every call and registering your event attendees, you can focus on the many other details of your event. Our agents can answer in Spanish or English to offer unmatched bilingual customer support.

Every event from sporting events to summer camps to corporate seminars can benefit from an event registration answering service. They all depend on over-the-phone registration and payment processing, and a team of inbound call professionals can streamline this process. Give it a try and see everything Acena’s event registration answering service can do for you.

RSVP Event Registration is More Than Just Bilingual Answering Services

Anyone can answer phone calls, but you and your staff have enough to do to make your event successful. The right event registration answering service will provide you with other helpful features like 24-hour guest registration, bilingual support, and logistical updates.

When anyone can call and register for your event any time, without getting hit by an answering machine or voicemail service and without having to worry about linguistic barriers, you not only have more registrants, you have registrants with a more favorable impression of your brand and better receptiveness to your message.

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Live Assistance and Call Handling to Improve Event Experiences

No one, whether they’re trying to get a ticket for a concert or RSVP for a business seminar, wants to be put on hold. With our event registration answering service, you get a full team of professional receptionists ready to answer your attendee’s calls live and in-person, every time.

Once your caller is connected to our event registration specialists, their registration details will be recorded, their payment processed, and any questions they have will be answered pleasantly and professionally. Their good time at your event will start from the first time they call, and you’ll have the staff resources to make sure it continues.

Nothing beats live event registration, not even online forms, and no one does it better than our event registration specialists.

Keep Your Event Off-Site

Heavy traffic is a sign of a successful event, but you don’t want that traffic crowding your office phone lines or your office space. Cramming a team of temporary receptionists into your workspace to cover the call volume before an event can make work difficult for everyone, causing a host of inefficiencies.

An event registration answering service keeps things remote and out from under your feet. And because we offer customized scripts and the best customer service around, your customers will never know they’re not talking directly to members of your own in-house staff.

Businesses of all sizes and industries are already taking advantage of the streamlined event registration that an outsourced event registration answering service. With flexible plans that can be customized to your specific needs, there’s no reason not to give us a call and get started today!

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RSVP Service

When your customers and associates call to RSVP or request information about your event it is essential that they speak with someone that conveys that their needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable, concerned member of your staff. Utilizing the most advanced computer-based applications in the industry, professional secretaries who represent your organization as if they worked in your office answer every call promptly, in your personalized answer phrase and are ready to address most issues immediately.

Voice Mail

Your callers hear your personalized voice greeting which offers a variety of different options to choose from. For non-urgent and routine office matters, callers can simply record a message into the appropriate Voice Mail box, which can be programmed to notify you each time a message is recorded (optional). Callers with time sensitive situations or emergencies will always have the option to press “0” and be connected to a Live Agent.

Overflow Receptionist

Eliminate hold times and busy signals during peak calling times. Acena will take your overflow call traffic at any time when all your lines are busy or when staff is unavailable to answer the call. The flexibility of this service means that you are only paying when we answer your calls, not during slower periods. You can guarantee callers will never be greeted with busy signals nor will urgent matters have to wait on hold until someone in your office can answer the call.

More Reasons to Use Event Registration Answering Services

  • Nights, weekends, holidays, your calls are answered by a live agent.
  • 100% custom scripting. Our team practically knows your practice, your doctors, and how you handle most any call. Your patients will never know their talking with a third party.
  • Your messages are delivered in real time by via text message, email, fax, paging or voice-mail, or by out call service. Tell us how you want your messages and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenses. In most case a few calls over an evening or on the weekends does not justify the cost of a full time employee with benefits.
  • If no response to an emergency call, our service will dispatch to multiple backup numbers.

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