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Bilingual Call Center Services – Our experienced agents deliver quality results 24/7.

Acena is committed to providing an integrated Bilingual communications center for all of your inbound call center solutions and project needs. With dedicated teams and locations throughout the United States, Acena delivers a powerful customer service experience that positively reflects on every one of your customers. Our call center services consist of a winning combination of our experienced telephone answering service agents, advanced call handling technology, and a focus on delivering quality results 24/7.

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Acena is your complete one-stop solution,

providing all businesses with a comprehensive array of integrated web and telephone-based services accessed through a universal point-of-entry. From Telephone Answering Service with Guaranteed Message Delivery to Referral and Real Time Appointment Scheduling, Acena continues to innovate and maintain our leadership position within the industry.

Answering Service

Day or night, when your customers and associates call it is essential that the person they speak with conveys the feeling that their needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable, concerned member of your staff. Utilizing the most advanced computer-based applications in the industry, professional secretaries who represent your organization as if they worked in your office answer every call promptly, in your personalized answer phrase and are ready to address most issues immediately.

Voice Mail

Your callers hear your personalized voice greeting which offers a variety of different options to choose from. For non-urgent and routine office matters, callers can simply record a message into the appropriate Voice Mail box, which can be programmed to notify you each time a message is recorded (optional). Callers with time sensitive situations or emergencies will always have the option to press “0” and be connected to a Live Agent.


Overflow Receptionist

Eliminate hold times and busy signals during peak calling times. Acena will take your overflow call traffic at any time when all your lines are busy or when staff is unavailable to answer the call. The flexibility of this service means that you are only paying when we answer your calls, not during slower periods. You can guarantee callers will never be greeted with busy signals nor will urgent matters have to wait on hold until someone in your office can answer the call.


Auto Attendant

This service allows your caller to hear your personalized greeting message informing them that your offices are closed and requesting that they call back during regular business hours. It does not allow them to leave a voice message. However, if the call is an emergency the caller has the option of pressing “0” to be connected to a live agent at the Acena call center. At Acena, we stress the value of each call received on behalf of our clients.