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Compliance Hotline Answering Service

Our compliance hotline services are available to assist your employees in the confidential reporting of misconduct, fraud or any unethical or potentially illegal activity that could hurt your company, its reputation, or your staff.

Any business can encounter a situation that leaves employees feeling uneasy or concerned about ethical and/or legal breaches. Your employees may want to reach out to someone, but fear of confrontation or retaliation can keep them quiet, and that can hurt your business. Our confidential third-party compliance hotline services can help!

A third-party, off-site compliance hotline answering service gives your employees the power to report malfeasance with the confidence that their identities will not be revealed. They can rest assured that when they report activity they feel may be in violation of company rules or government regulations, they won’t suffer negative repercussions.

Compliance Hotline Services are Professional & Confidential

Employees may feel they have nowhere else to turn to report things like unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment, and other issues that can be harmful to your staff and harmful to your company. Compliance hotline services can help by offering a way to communicate that keeps your staff feeling safe while the details of their report are accurately taken down and immediately delivered to you with complete confidentiality.

Our virtual representatives are trained to handle a number of situations involving everything from fraud to workplace abuse to substance addiction and more. When other avenues of communication are an uncomfortable or unviable option for whatever reason, our compliance hotline services are available to act as an intermediary in the collecting of information about the situation without any confrontation.

Clients, contractors and vendors can also use our compliance hotline services with the assurance that their identities will be protected. Businesses big and small, governmental agencies, and private firms can all benefit from our third-party compliance hotline answering services. We are available around the clock, every day of the year—no matter when they decide to make the call, it will be answered promptly and professionally.

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Impartial Third-Party Compliance Hotline Services

Our position as an independent, third-party answering service allows us to be fully sympathetic to each caller’s privacy and confidentiality concerns while also understanding the importance of accurate information to your business. Our compliance hotline services are completely impartial and trustworthy to all parties.

By teaming up with our compliance hotline services, you can help your company stop all manner of abuses, violations, and negative workplace scenarios. Compared to in-house compliance and reporting personnel, our third-party compliance hotline service is more affordable and more effective.

Our Compliance Hotline Answering Service Specialist are Standing By

Our representatives are trained to be sensitive and understanding. Together we can create a safe and trusting environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give your staff, clients and customers the opportunity to express their concerns while maintaining confidentiality. Take the trust in your company up a notch, and contact us today.

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Businesses of all sizes and industries are already taking advantage of the streamlined event registration that an outsourced event registration answering service. With flexible plans that can be customized to your specific needs, there’s no reason not to give us a call and get started today!

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Hotline Service

Day or night, when your employees and clients call it is essential that they speak with someone who conveys that their needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable, concerned agent. At Acena we are what makes the difference. Utilizing the most advanced and secure computer-based applications in the industry, professional secretaries who represent your organization answer every call promptly, and will treat your employee or customer with the highest level of respect at all times.

Voice Mail

Your callers hear your personalized voice greeting which offers a variety of different options to choose from. For non-urgent and routine office matters, callers can simply record a message into the appropriate Voice Mail box, which can be programmed to notify you each time a message is recorded (optional). Callers with time sensitive situations or emergencies will always have the option to press “0” and be connected to a Live Agent.

Overflow Receptionist

Eliminate hold times and busy signals during peak calling times. Acena will take your overflow call traffic at any time when all your lines are busy or when staff is unavailable to answer the call. The flexibility of this service means that you are only paying when we answer your calls, not during slower periods. You can guarantee callers will never be greeted with busy signals nor will urgent matters have to wait on hold until someone in your office can answer the call.

More Reasons to Use Compliance Hotline Answering Services

  • Nights, weekends, holidays, your calls are answered by a live agent.
  • 100% custom scripting. Our team practically knows your practice, your doctors, and how you handle most any call. Your patients will never know their talking with a third party.
  • Your messages are delivered in real time by via text message, email, fax, paging or voice-mail, or by out call service. Tell us how you want your messages and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenses. In most case a few calls over an evening or on the weekends does not justify the cost of a full time employee with benefits.
  • If no response to an emergency call, our service will dispatch to multiple backup numbers.

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