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Utilize an Answering Service For Lead Capturing and Stop Losing Sales Today

The economy seems to be potentially headed for a tough spot once again. Memories are still fresh from the crash in 2008, and people are bracing themselves for what may or may not be lurking around the corner. As a result, each and every sale is becoming more important than ever, as companies attempt to increase profitability and build a rock-solid client base that will help them weather the storm. An answering service for lead capture can be one of the most effective tools available to you for building that foundation.

When someone needs to find a company to make a certain kind of purchase for the first time, they typically turn to the Internet. However, that’s usually only the first step in the process. If someone needs something quickly, they aren’t likely to trust an online ordering system that they’ve never tried before. Instead, they’re going to dial the number they find on the website and try to speak to someone at the company directly. This is where an answering service becomes a key member of your sales team.

A professional answering service ensures that no customer calling your company for the first time ends up at a voicemail machine or stuck on hold. Either one of those is a sure way to turn a prospect into a dead-end instead of a valuable lead. If you utilize a 24/7 answering service, you can be converting callers into hard leads for your sales team at all hours of the day, even when everyone from the office is comfortably at home in bed.

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A reliable answering service specializes in making sure that information is accurately passed along to your sales team. If you have an overloaded receptionist who is trying to juggle a dozen other tasks along with receiving incoming calls, you stand a high risk of information being lost or misdirected. An answering service relays all messages exactly as the customers intend for them to be heard. This provides a sales team with a steady stream of pre-qualified leads that are ripe for the closing.

The most successful businesses tend to be those that find ways to never miss an opportunity that presents itself. Every person that calls your company is an opportunity. If they’re calling for information, you have an opportunity to provide it. If they need a product, you can provide a solution. Even if they need repairs or want to lodge a complaint, you’re being given an opportunity to provide higher than normal customer service in order to satisfy their reason for calling. This could possibly regain their trust and ensure repeat business. An answering service is a safety net that ensures no opportunities slip past your organization.

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