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Build Your Business With Acena’s Bilingual Order Entry and Processing Answering Service

When your customers call to place an order and are connected with a clear, friendly voice, they’re more likely to complete their order, to order more and to call again. The inbound order entry agents at Acena’s New York call center provide a professional voice to handle either English or Spanish calls that supports the sale of any business’s products and services, while taking accurate order information to ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction with their ordering experience.

Securing Sensitive Order Information

Acena carefully trains and screens our Bilingual telephone agents, enabling us to offer secure and confidential order entry options for any product and service your company might sell. All sensitive data collected from your customers as a part of the order entry process—medical and healthcare information, payment accounts, shipping addresses, etc.—will remain in the strictest confidence and transferred to you with full respect for your customers’ data and current security guidelines.

We also offer many different payment processing options, meaning you won’t have to change the way you get paid for your orders. Whatever methods you’ve found work best for your business, you can keep! If you need our help in selecting the right payment processor for your customers’ phone orders, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

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Unparalleled Order Delivery Options

Our ability to work with many different order delivery and fulfillment methods means we give our client companies the most streamlined and effective service possible. Whether its entering customer orders directly into your ecommerce website, providing you email or telephone updates each time a new order is placed, or sending regularly scheduled batches of orders on a method and schedule of your choosing, our agents will make sure your business runs exactly the way you want it.

We can also provide you with metadata on your orders. Could you use information about what’s being sold, when sales are occurring, and who’s doing the buying? We can collect it, collate it, and provide it to you as often as you want, in a useful form that can help inform your business decisions. A-B testing, the effects of new advertising campaigns, day-of-week and seasonal changes—whatever your company might be sensitive to, we can help you make sense of your orders.

Around -Clock Availability

Every time of day and night, every day of the year, your customers can call to place an order and get ahold of our authentic, English-native agents. We pride ourselves on remaining fully staffed to meet our clients’ needs at all time. There’s no switch we flip on weekends and holidays that offshores your calls, no customers hanging up while the phone rings endlessly, and no orders lost because a customer gets tired of waiting on hold. At Acena, we treat every incoming order as if it were our very own, and we’re pleased to take the call.

With Acena, you’re not just our client, you’re our partner. Give us a call and you’ll see just how good an inbound call center can be. Your own call will be handled with the same courtesy and professionalism our agents use on every order entry task, and you can rest assured knowing your customers will be taken care of.

When you’re ready to partner with the best, we’ll be standing by the phone.

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Agents Available 24/7


Answering Service

Day or night, when your customers and associates call it is essential that the person they speak with conveys the feeling that their needs are being addressed by a knowledgeable, concerned member of your staff. Utilizing the most advanced computer-based applications in the industry, professional secretaries who represent your organization as if they worked in your office answer every call promptly, in your personalized answer phrase and are ready to address most issues immediately.

Voice Mail

Your callers hear your personalized voice greeting which offers a variety of different options to choose from. For non-urgent and routine office matters, callers can simply record a message into the appropriate Voice Mail box, which can be programmed to notify you each time a message is recorded (optional). Callers with time sensitive situations or emergencies will always have the option to press “0” and be connected to a Live Agent.

Overflow Receptionist

Eliminate hold times and busy signals during peak calling times. Acena will take your overflow call traffic at any time when all your lines are busy or when staff is unavailable to answer the call. The flexibility of this service means that you are only paying when we answer your calls, not during slower periods. You can guarantee callers will never be greeted with busy signals nor will urgent matters have to wait on hold until someone in your office can answer the call.

More Reasons to Use Order Taking and Fulfillment Answering Services

  • Nights, weekends, holidays, your calls are answered by a live agent.
  • 100% custom scripting. Our team practically knows your practice, your doctors, and how you handle most any call. Your patients will never know their talking with a third party.
  • Your messages are delivered in real time by via text message, email, fax, paging or voice-mail, or by out call service. Tell us how you want your messages and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Reduces unnecessary expenses. In most case a few calls over an evening or on the weekends does not justify the cost of a full time employee with benefits.
  • If no response to an emergency call, our service will dispatch to multiple backup numbers.

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