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Listen, Acknowledge, Over Deliver – Would Your Customer Describe Your Business This Way? If Not Here’s What You Should Do

Your business wouldn’t exist without your customers, and each contact between your company and your customers is another chance for that business to grow. Without the right customer service attitude and skills, though, those contacts won’t lead to the growth you’re looking for. Here are a few quick tips for making every interaction with your customers a bonus for your bottom line.

Listen, Acknowledge, Adapt

You might get the same questions or requests from customers dozens of times a day, but if you and your customer service team becomes too automatic in your responses you’re likely to miss out on a lot of opportunities. The first step in any customer contact should be to listen carefully to the needs and goals—and when applicable, the frustrations—your customers express. Then acknowledge each customer’s specific inquiries and concerns, and adapt your responses accordingly.

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Even if it’s the tenth time you’ve answered the same question in a single day, every customer is unique. They want to see that you’re giving them real and individual attention, not just trying to get through the contact as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Give them that real attention, and they’ll develop real respect and enthusiasm for your brand.

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“I don’t know”—or even better, “I’ll find out for you”—will be much more appreciated in the long run than giving a customer false or unreliable information. While an admission of ignorance might lead to a customer’s temporary frustration, they’ll be far more nonplussed if they’re told one thing by a customer service rep only to find something different on their bill or in the product/service you provide.

The more knowledgeable your customer service team is the less you’ll have to contend with this issue, but part of their knowledge should be knowing when to turn somewhere else for answers.


Stay Consistent Across All Contacts

Many companies make the mistake of focusing customer service team training only on new contacts, with a marked decline in customer support after an initial sale has been made. Every customer contact is a chance to improve their satisfaction and gain a new sale—from current customers and from the friends and colleagues they talk to. If you put in the effort to provide stellar customer service each and every time a customer contacts your business, you’ll see your growth take off like you wouldn’t believe.

Be attentive. Be reliable. Be consistent. Apply these maxims to your customer service approach, and you’re all but guaranteed success.

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