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Clear Your Calendar With An Answering Service

The amount of time that a professional can spend dealing with administrative duties outside his or her area of expertise is staggering. Answering and returning phone calls throughout the day can be one of the greatest drains on time in any office. Using an answering service to screen calls and ensure that callers are routed to the best possible person in the office to handle their concern is a core component of time-saving best practices.

Answering services often include integrated, value-added services that can free up more of your day. One of the most valuable things they provide is scheduling specific call back times for clients or customers that need to be dealt with directly by someone at the company. Some answering services have access to the company calendar, so they can see where an appropriate opening is available to schedule that kind of a call. This allows them to set up a pre-arranged call-back time with the caller, helping to reduce time-consuming problems like unavailable customers and the phone-tag that sometimes results when trying to return a customer call.

Sometimes, clients and customer just need a chance to talk through an issue to get to the heart of what they really need. Experienced answering service professionals make their living by being good listeners. They will listen carefully to your customers and find out exactly what it is that they need from your organization. However, while it might have taken a 20 minute phone conversation to get to the heart of the matter, your answering service should be able to relay the key points of a call to you in a few lines or less, saving a great deal of your valuable time.

Another value to the answering service is that it clears your customer’s calendars as well as your own. It would be difficult to find a single person who enjoys being stuck on hold or leaving messages on answering machines, and yet that is what many companies allow their customers to do. Your clients’ time should be treated as valuable as your own. By utilizing an answering service, you allow them to be put through to a real person who can address their concerns every time they call, no matter what time of day it is or how busy your main switchboard may be. The time savings, both on your end and from the perspective of your customers, makes considering an answering service worthwhile for anyone who understands the value of time.


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