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Integrating an Answering Service With Your Sales Team

Seamlessly integrate your answering service with your sales processes and increase productivity and reduce downtime. Sales professionals work in that field for a reason. It takes a certain skill set and personality to be a highly effective sales professional. Sales people are typically competitive, detail oriented, and driven in a way that many other people aren’t. Ultimately, they are some of the chief drivers of profit in any company that employs them. It’s a mystery then, why so many companies consume their sales professionals’ time with tasks that would be better left to a third party.

Screening Qualified Callers Through The Answering Service

Every company structures its sales department somewhat differently. In some structures, sales professionals continue to look after clients long after the first sale is made, usually with an eye to creating ongoing loyalty that generates public goodwill and ongoing sales.

In other companies, calls that come in after the sale has been closed need to be handled by customer service professionals instead. By utilizing an answering service, you ensure that your sales team isn’t bogged down with routing callers to the appropriate department when they call sales by mistake.

Using The Call Center To Book Sales Calls

One of the best things certain answering services can do is access the calendar of a sales team in order to book appointments with prospective leads in for a call with a sales professional. When someone calls in to speak to a sales professional and reaches a voicemail, there is a very strong chance they will just pick up the phone again and call a competitor. However, when their call is answered by an answering service and a call-back from a sales agent is booked, they are more likely to wait it out, since there is a specific time that they are expecting the call.

How Virtual Receptionist Help Keep Order Within a Sales Team

In some sales teams, sales professional’s competitive natures can get unruly and disruptive. This often happens in scenarios where busy lines lead to calls being transferred to an available sales agent when a client may have been previously speaking to someone else within the organization. By utilizing an answering service, you can prevent this kind of disruption and overly competitive behavior from becoming a distraction in your workplace. If you utilize an answering service that has access to your CRM Software, you can ensure that they can check which sales person has had previous contact with a given customer, and ensure that no poaching takes place.

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