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Make Your Business More Efficient With Call Screening – Filtering Calls Without Abandoning Customers

Ever call is important, and every customer or prospect is valued, but in truth your time is limited and sometimes you need to step away from the phone while not stepping away from your customers. If every phone call that came into a business was from an existing customer or strong prospect for a sale, answering the phone would be everyone’s top priority. The reality of most business telephone lines though, is that the lines are consistently tied up with simple questions or sales people trying to target your business as a prospect. Each call takes time out of a team member’s day. You can put that time to better use by putting an answering service in place to screen incoming phone calls.

A call screening service serves several purposes. First, you ensure that you have a trained professional answering the phones at all times. In addition, that person’s only job is to take calls, which means their focus will be on providing professional and clear communication to your customers. This can be difficult to guarantee when a worker is juggling twenty other tasks in between answering the phones. Finally, an answering service can ensure that you only have to deal with the calls that have a real impact on your business, and filter out the rest.

Acena can provide you with a call answering service that is fine-tuned to your exact specifications. Our call center agents will screen out solicitation calls or respond to basic inquiries in any way you wish them to. They will put important calls through to the correct parties promptly, creating an overall improvement in the flow of calls into your company.

Implementing Your Policies Through Our Team

We have a number of tools at our disposal to route calls in the way that is most beneficial to your business. This flexibility helps maximize positive customer experiences, while also improving your internal workflow. Only qualified customer calls will be forwarded to you or your team. Voicemail is a very helpful tool as well. Agents can direct callers to the appropriate mailbox and have them leave a message that will be promptly received by the correct party.

Another consideration is the fact that no one can staff their own phone 24 hours a day, and most companies don’t want to pay their regular staff full wages to maintain round-the-clock presences on the phones. For a fraction of the cost of staffing the phones internally, you can contract this work to a call center so that customers who call at any time of the day will still get to speak to a real person. This helps form a positive customer impression.

Our policies are your policies. This means that you decide which calls get routed where, when and to whom. If you prefer to automate the entire process, we will take care of your calls for you. If you need a more hands-on approach and need to let us know how each call has to be handled, we can provide that model as well.

The ability to respond to customers 24/7 takes customer service to a higher level. Customers remember companies that go the extra mile to provide this kind of service, which is one of the ways that utilizing a call center answering service can give you an edge over your completion.

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Put Your Client’s Satisfaction in the Hands of Professionals

We have a team of highly skilled professionals that excel at making your customers feel cared about. With our call screening answering service, you can be positive that someone who is knowledgeable and ready to help will greet every customer who calls. Each agent will make your customers feel listened to, and strive to resolve their reason for calling in the most straightforward way possible. The result? The most satisfied customers possible.