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5 Ways Customers Can Benefit From Your Answering Service

Many times when a business considers utilizing an answering service, they focus on the direct benefits that the service will bring the organization. Factors such as the cost and time savings, along with organizational and operational advantages are all considered. However, as with most areas of business, you can learn even more about how an answering service could help your company by turning your focus off your company and on to your customers instead.

Time Savings Maximized

Everyone knows how important time management is in the world today, with new demands appearing for our time seemingly every day. However, companies need to remember that there are just as many demands on their customer’s time. Everyone values their time, and everyone wishes they had more of it. By utilizing an answering service, you ensure that your client’s time is respected, as they won’t waste any of it sitting on hold just to speak to someone.

Getting Through to the Appropriate Party

Many times, customers call into a company not sure exactly who they need to speak to. One of the useful functions an answering service can provide is letting the customer know exactly whom they need to speak to. Then, they can take further work out of the customer’s hands by having that person call the customer back directly.

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Quick Message Relaying

When a customer leaves a voicemail, they have no idea how long it will sit on the machine. Many messages sit for hours, or even days, and some never get checked at all as they get buried under a pile of newer incoming messages. When a customer leaves a message with a real person, they feel reassured that their concern will get voiced to the appropriate people in a timely manner.

Lowered Company Costs

From cutting cost on outsourced HR to employee time tracking software businesses want to lower cost, and they should. Never lose sight of the fact that lowering costs within your organization keeps costs lower for your customers. Customers value pricing over almost every other factor, and by keeping your costs low, you fight the need to increase prices. Answering services offer very large savings compared to in-house reception services while maintaining the same level of customer service.

Saving Customers Money

If there is one thing that customers value more than their time, it is their money. If your company is running a special promotion or offer you can work that offer into the script utilized by your answering service agents. This is a great way to let customers know about ways they can save money, while also attending to their reason for calling.

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