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Traditional 9-5 hours are no longer adequate for businesses hoping to compete at a higher level.

Successful companies understand that customer support does not stop at the end of normal work hours. Customers expect continuous support from businesses and anticipate responsiveness from your company at any time. Therefore, it is essential for organizations, small and large, to provide 24/7 support to their customers. For those that can deliver on that expectation, there are massive benefits to reap.

Provides Access to Around The Clock Customer Support

Regardless of whether you provide services or sell products, it is essential to have channels where customers can contact you at any time. It is best to make sure your customers can get quick access from trained personnel for various queries, complaints.

24-hour support shows that you care about your customers, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. It can also lead to more revenue, because some consumers call you to inquire about your products and services and not to complain. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Offers Immediate Support for Internet-Connected Applications

Businesses rely on the internet to execute many of its processes, and as the world gets more connected, internet-connected applications become fundamental. Several companies have apps and websites that cater to their customers’ needs and attain their bottom line, so make sure that they can access your mobile apps and website.

For these apps to function efficiently, it is fundamental to offer 24/7 support to ensure that you answer customer questions swiftly and continuously access your site. Doing so ensures that you retain your customers, acquire new ones, and stay competitive. Setting yourself apart from your competitors ensures that you survive in business and increase profits.

Demonstrates Commitment to Your Customers

It is not always possible to keep your business open 24/7 in a traditional sense, but you can stay available to your clients around-the-clock to ensure that your customers receive the help they need at any time. One of the best ways to be available at all times is to partner with a 24×7 phone answering service. You can also supplement that type of live support with help of chat tools, online documentation, video tutorials, and integrated ticketing systems. Using these channels allow you to balance your private and professional life. Demonstrating to your customers that you can help them at any time raises their willingness to provide feedback, gives you better access to global markets, and reduces expenses of hiring customer care personnel.

While the primary benefit of tools such as a live answering service is for customers, it also gives your team a much needed chance to step back and focus on other pressing company matters. When your marketing or customer service team is constantly focusing on the very basic “first questions” a customer may have, they’re not only taking time away other important matters they could be attending to, but it could also be decreasing their morale. Employee satisfaction plays a big role in retention. Letting your employees know help is available 24/7 and that they can go home while leaving work at the office can be another huge benefit of outsourced live support and other solutions.

Managed Network Support Has a Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Every business requires 24/7 support to protect its networks, users, systems, and devices. However, it is quite expensive to establish, maintain, and support in-house IT infrastructure and resources. It is cheaper to use managed network support to solve any arising problems, maintain your website and applications, and keep your employees working at optimum levels because of the availability of efficient IT resources.

Keep up with the changing times

The internet has made it easier to conduct business, assist your employees, and communicate with your customers. Keeping up with the changing times and surviving in the market requires flexibility and willingness to adapt. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how our 24-hour live answering services can help your business.

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