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Google AdWords got your phones ringing like crazy? Here’s how you can effectively support higher call volumes and maximize your ROI.

You decided to join the thousands of other businesses who have chosen to advertise on the most popular search ad market. Other businesses are raking in tons of leads through Google AdWords, and you’d like your slice of the pie and are seeing just how well the Internet can pay off. In fact, you might have the feeling that it’s paying off a little too well, with your inbound call volume going through the roof as customers clamor to get a bit of what you’re selling.

Without an effective plan in place, handling those calls can make your dreams of a booming business quickly turn into a nightmare, as you juggle the rising costs of staffing your phones with the potential of lost revenue due to missed calls, long-hold times, and voicemail greetings that leave callers out in the cold. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution.

Handling High Call Volumes

Your search for a solution to manage your high level of inbound calls is over. A professional call center partner can help you handle calls whenever you like and for a price that fits your budget and keeps your investments profitable. From Spanish speaking operators, appointment setting, and order taking Acena receptionists are fully equipped to offer you a world class answering service solution that’s right for your business or organization.

Call Volume Increases Demand Answering Service Assistance

The most efficient, most affordable, and most effective way to handle a sudden increase in call volume, and to maintain consistent and professional phone answering for all of your incoming sales calls, is to partner with a dedicated inbound call center. Whether it’s a surge in calls from a Google AdWords campaign or any other source, our highly-trained agents will help you capture every lead and filter out the non-qualified callers. And this extension of your team all comes without the expense and hassle of an in-house staff.

As a response to a Google AdWords campaign, answering services make even more sense.

With offline advertising, you can often plan on seeing sales calls spikes at certain times or for a certain period—you know more people will see your TV ad during primetime, and that a newspaper ad is only good for a day. Because of the way Google AdWords works with your budget and criteria, though, you might have your ad seen by thousands or even millions of people at any time of day or night, for as long as you keep your campaign running.

In order to make the most of your Google AdWords campaign, you need a full-time staff of phone professionals ready to answer any number of sales calls on a 24/7 basis. That takes an enormous effort and often requires enormous expenditures—unless you’re working with an answering service, that is.

You have a business to run. Products and services to manufacture and sell, marketing efforts like your AdWords strategy to monitor and adjust, and an already-full staff to keep happy and productive. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on your business and let a professional answering service focus on your phones?

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Get Good With Google and Your Over-the-Phone Customers

If you’re not advertising with Google AdWords, you’re not maximizing your growth potential. If you’re not partnered with an inbound call service to handle the higher call volume an AdWords campaign will bring, you’re not maximizing your AdWords ROI. It really is that simple. Make the call, save some green, and be smart about online marketing by being ready with the right offline service to assist all your callers.

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