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Four Reasons You Need an Answering Service for Your Business

You know how answering services work, and you’re familiar with the ins and outs of inbound call centers. Still, you’re not entirely sure whether or not your business or company will benefit from using these services—they’re great for some, but your in-house phone answering staff has everything covered in the best and most efficient way possible, right?

Maybe not. Here are the top four benefits our clients list when it comes to using our answering services, and we’re willing to bet one or more of them applies to your business, too. Read on and see if making a switch can help your customer acquisition, your staff, and your business’s bottom line.

1. 24/7 Customer Service Coverage for Your Phone Lines

Even if your business doesn’t operate all day, every day, most companies can benefit from having a live person answering their phones during non-business hours. Instead of being stuck with a voicemail—or worse, an endlessly ringing phone—customers and potential customers will always be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable voice. This makes them more likely to leave a message, to make a purchase, and to remember your brand favorably. Providing more complete coverage for your phone lines leads directly to a more rapidly-growing customer base and increasing revenue streams.

2. Consistency in Your Phone Answering and Customer Service

Whether you rely completely on an inbound call center or only use an answering service for overflow and after-hours calls, you get greater customer service consistency when you have a full team of professional receptionists at your beck and call. Never leave anyone on hold, and never have overworked and harried in-house staff answering calls with less than their complete attention. Consistent quality in the service you provide is key to gaining repeat and referral business from your customers.

3. Scale Your Phone Answering Activities and Expenses As Needed

Seasonal fluctuations, call volume cycles based on your advertising efforts, sudden success from a new website—there are many things that can cause your inbound call volume and thus your call answering needs to rise and fall. Some changes can be predicted, others come without any real warning, but all are difficult to respond to efficiently and cost-effectively with in-house staff. A professional call center team scales automatically to fit your needs, keeping your expenses to a minimum despite maximum responsiveness.

4. Reliable Information Recorded from Every Customer Phone Call

Consistency in the customer service your callers experience is important, and so is consistency in the quality of information you get each time a customer calls. Data tracking and management goes hand-in-hand with a quality answering service, making sure you know what you need to know to complete every order, to follow through on every customer inquiry, and to make the most of every opportunity that comes to you on an inbound call. Never worry about a garbles message or a misplaced memo again.

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