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The ONE Thing Every Customer Wants (and How to Deliver It)

The best price. The best product. The best customer service. The quickest delivery.

Customers aren’t all after the same thing, and in fact savvy businesses use this to their advantage. Understanding the differentiators that can be used to broadly classify consumer perspectives and objectives enables a business to more carefully position themselves and target their marketing efforts as a premium provider, a budget operation, and so on—and there’s value (and profit) to be made in every category.

There’s one thing that customers across all differentiators are after, though, and companies that consistently deliver this one thing tend to outshine their competition time and time again.

Customers Want to Feel Appreciated

Whether they’re waiting in line to grab what they need and run, carefully taking their time browsing through options and asking you questions, haggling about the price or kicking all the tires, every customer wants to feel that their goals are important to the companies they do business with, and that their method of making a purchase decision is something each business respects.

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Let’s face it: your company wouldn’t exist without your customers. They are the most essential piece of the puzzle, whether you sell a readily available commodity or offer a one-of-a-kind service. It should be a no-brainer to treat them as such, but many companies stop at providing simply the product or service their customer’s expect without going the extra mile.

That might be enough to satisfy, but it certainly won’t inspire.

24x7 Answering Service SolutionsLet Customers Know How You Feel About Them

There are hundreds of ways to show your appreciation for your customers and let them know they’re a valuable part about what makes your company tick. What works for some businesses and customer bases might not work for others, but it’s worth experimenting a little bit to get it right.

Send a handwritten card to some of your biggest clients a couple time a year so they can see what they’ve been a part of building. Hand over a coupon during an in-person purchase with a sincere “thank you” delivered by your retail rep. Fire off an email or even a phone call a week or two after a contract closes just to let your clients know how much you enjoyed working with them. Even social media interactions and special online deals can let your customers know you recognize and appreciate them as individuals.

The more you show your customers you value them, the more value they will create for you.

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