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Keep Your Customers Enthralled, Engaged, and Energized

Customers mean a whole lot more than sales. Here’s how to make the most of them.

Customer satisfaction and retention are more important today than ever before. A few good reviews on the right social media platforms can lead to an exponential business boom; a single bad one can spell almost instant disaster. Making sure your customers stay happy isn’t just about keeping their business, it’s about keeping yours.

You don’t just want to keep your customers satisfied enough to stay customers, you want them so excited about your brand that their friends become customers, too. Keep your customers in love by showing them how much you care.

All Customers Appreciate the Personal Touch

Customizable products, requests for feedback and interaction that offer customers an opportunity to talk to real human beings at your company, social media communities that foster conversations that have nothing to do with buying products—all of these things make customers feel like they belong with your business, and that ain’t bad.

Form a community with your company at the center, and as long as you keep that community well-nourished you’ll never be short on customers and good press. It’s not enough just to sell products and services that people enjoy; put in the extra effort to be the kind of company they want to interact with and you’ll have retention and revenue rates that are the envy of your competitors.

Some consumer-centric companies are even allowing their customers to get in on the design process. Nike and Converse let customers choose their own fabrics and patterns to create truly one-of-a-kind shoes, Toshiba builds laptops on demand for discerning buyers, and BMW even lets its luxury buyers configure their own cars. All of this helps provide the personal touch that makes customers feel they’re a true part of the company, not just a means to an end.

Get Popular With Customers in the Information Age

Make your company’s community entertaining, too, and you’ll have an audience that keeps turning up and loves to put in a good word for your brand. If you want to be your industry’s customer service leader, you need to be in the content-generation business. Use your online presence, your store locations, your advertising and even your products to provide some enjoyable entertainment.

How can you make what you do more fun? Red Bull is the champion of this mentality, with their their annual human-powered flight contest, their artist-involved Canvas Cooler Project, and their overall brand focus on high-falootin’ fun. You can join in, too, and the more fun you make things for your customers the more fun you’ll have with the revenue rolling in.

And of course there’s nothing like delivering 24/7 support to separate your business from the competitors and if you haven’t already please contact to see if we can help!

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