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Speaking Your Customers’ Language – A Guide To Client Interaction

Providing the products and services you’ve promised is the foundation of a successful business, of course, but a company that stops there is simply performing a function—a function it won’t be likely to fill for too long. Lasting success and steady growth depend on customer service, and how you speak to your customers is one the most important ways you demonstrate your commitment to their satisfaction.

Good words make a good impression, and as long as you live up to the positive expectations you set they can be a big part of becoming an industry leader.

Demonstrate Responsibility for Every Customer Concern

Passing the buck is a great way to pass your customers on to your competitors. No one should be interacting with your callers or in-person clients if you don’t trust them to make decisions based on your policies, or to check with supervisors or personally handle transfers when necessary. Nothing turns off a revenue stream faster than the words, “that’s not my problem,” so make sure that sentiment is something your customer service team never adopts.

Show Honesty and Integrity in All Communications

Everything you or your team says to a customer sets an expectation for your ongoing relationship with them. Promise delivery by a certain deadline and them miss it, and they’ll begin to doubt everything you tell them—and the quality of what you sell them. Give a confused or inaccurate answer to a question just to avoid the appearance of ignorance, and you’ve seriously set back their appraisal of your expertise.

Your customer would always rather hear the truth, whether it’s the fact that their delivery will take a few more days or that they’ll need to wait for a minute while you find the information that they need. Act with complete honest and complete courtesy, and even if they’re momentarily nonplussed their long-term relationship with your business will be far more solid.

Display Genuine Appreciation with Each Interaction

Simple gestures of appreciation are incredibly effective when it comes to turning first-time customers into long-term clients, and long-term clients into evangelists for your brand. Include this sense of appreciation in all of your customer conversations—and make sure it’s genuine and backed up by your behaviors—and your customers will find more to appreciate about you and plenty of ways to show it.

This doesn’t just mean giving a simple, “thank you” at the end of a conversation. Showing real appreciation means acknowledging the value they bring you, with specificity and earnestness. Make your customers feel like part of the team, and they’ll stick by your side.

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