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Football teams that lose their starting quarterback and don’t have a competent backup are doomed to endure a losing season. Your business is the same way.

If you are a fan of football, you’ve no doubt seen a very good team lose their starting QB to injury, then watch as the rest of their season goes up in flames. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you’ve likely heard someone you know lamenting a big injury to a key player on their favorite team. Football fans who lose a star player are often heard saying self-soothing statements like “We’ll get it next year” or “If we hadn’t lost so-and-so, it was our season to win the big one.” This kind of fallout happens more than anyone wishes it would and there have already been some big injuries this season.

When injuries happen to starting quarterbacks or other important players, it’s crucial to have a competent backup ready to step in and fill the role. That’s the only way a team can hope to stay competitive. Teams that lose their starting quarterback and don’t have a good backup are doomed to endure a lot of losses. Businesses are very similar.

When you’re running your own business and trying to build a solid and successful enterprise, many of the same tenets of football teams apply. Just like with truly successful football organizations, you need to:

  • Keep an eye on what the competition is doing
  • Scour the market for the best talent
  • Field the best starters in all games
  • Invest in a backup for EVERY position on the field

The question is, have you found a backup quarterback that can treat your business and customers with the same level of care that you would?

If you are like many small business owners, there is a good chance you’re running a lean team and may have assigned the role of the starting QB to yourself.  If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to be told how stressful it is not knowing what happens when the starter isn’t available.

However, even if a lean team has strong players, they still need to rest between games if they expect to play at their best. The same is true for you and your team. The trouble is, what happens when…

  • A customer needs to talk to someone after hours
  • There is a hot sales lead, but your starter isn’t available
  • You don’t have a backup in place and opportunity is ringing

Unlike a football game that only lasts a few hours, you need to make sure your team is ALWAYS on the field, ready to play. The good news is, when you recruit an industry leading phone answering service provider like Acena, you get access to an all-star squad of live, friendly professionals who are ready to support your callers at a moment’s notice.

Acena’s 24-hour answering service and of virtual receptionists are always there. And with the fastest pickup times in the industry, you never have to fumble and miss another call or opportunity again. You no longer need to risk letting customers get frustrated by not being able to reach a live person and decide to take their business to a competitor. In fact, many businesses have taken their service and customer interactions to the next level with Acena.

“Thanks to Acena we now capture twice the business we did before. Your receptionists are so professional that I’m often complimented about my secretary being so friendly and helpful.”

Richard C.
CEO – The Global Group

As you can see, these happy clients have found peace-of-mind with Acena as their backup. Our live answering services ensure that your team is always running and that the win column keeps growing. If you are interested in putting your hesitations to rest, we would love to talk to you and show you what that peace-of-mind really feels like with a free 1-week trial. Give us a call today, because you can’t wait until next season to try again.

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