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The Importance of an Answering Service that Speaks Spanish

Should your answering service be able the handle Spanish caller with bilingual agents?  Being able to offer multilingual call answering services becomes increasingly important as a number of forces are exerted on the business world. First, the populations in our own hometowns are becoming increasingly diverse. Second, the Internet has opened up the entire world as a customer base to companies in many lines of work, even for small businesses that may only have a handful of employees. This is why being able to serve your customers in a second language is so valuable: it opens up entire populations of prospective customers that you may have never had access to before. In the United States in particular, it becomes extremely important that you retain the services of an answering service that utilizes agents who speak Spanish.

The vast majority of cities in the United States now have a Spanish speaking community of some size within their borders. According a 2015 CNN article, the USA has surpassed even Spain in terms of the number of Spanish speaking citizens within the borders. If your answering service does not employ any Spanish speakers, you could be accidentally alienating a community of 41 million Spanish speakers, and losing out on prospective clients.

In addition, there is a good chance that you already have Spanish-speaking customers. If they ever call in to your business and are referred to your answering service, you want a team that is able to address their questions or concerns. By having Spanish speakers on staff at your answering service, you are telling all members of your Spanish speaking client base that you care about their community, and value their business. That is a potent message to send through means that take very little effort.

In business, many decisions boil down to making better decisions than your competition. Making sure that your answering service has Spanish speakers on your team becomes doubly important if this is a segment of the population that your competition is not actively targeting. By offering excellent service to Spanish speaking customers or prospects in their native tongue, your answering service can make a large inroad for you into an entire community of future prospects that may not be currently tapped in your market. Also, there is no better marketing than word of mouth from satisfied clients. Spanish callers who reach your answering service will remember that Spanish-speaking agents were available, and this could provide the fodder for some excellent word of mouth publicity for your organization.