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Enable your business to tap into new markets and provide better customer support by using a bilingual answering service to handle inbound phone calls.

America has always been a melting pot of cultures. Immigrants bring many important traditions with them when they move to the United States, with language being one of the most vital. English is still the most commonly spoken language, but Census data reveals that the use of a language other than English is up over 100 percent from the 1980s. As more and more U.S. citizens begin speaking Spanish, businesses have had to adapt to cater to the evolving trends in language.

One area where the prevalence of Spanish is growing is the Southeastern United States. States such as Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee are noticing a growing number of Spanish speaking people. Add in major markets in Texas, Arizona, and California that already have large numbers of Spanish-speaking consumers, and you’ve got a whole lot of people that are more comfortable when they are able to speak their native language.

In today’s culturally diverse landscape, hiring a bilingual answering service is becoming a necessity for companies who want to keep up in our business world. Yes, providing great customer service is always paramount to achieve success in business. But it’s also important to keep up with changes in the market, and the Hispanic population is growing more rapidly than any other demographic in the United States.

Bilingual representatives of your business open up an entirely new corner of the market for companies of all types. Rather than work solely with clients who speak English, companies with bilingual capabilities can take on clients of a wide variety of backgrounds. From the medical and legal fields to contractors and property management industries, being able to converse in English and Spanish gives you a leg up on the competition and the ability to provide better service to more clients.

There is perhaps no bilingual representative of your business more valuable than one handling your incoming calls. Whether you need someone to book appointments, provide tech support or address problems with an order, having a bilingual agent on the phone can put your customers at ease. This can be especially useful when dealing with a frustrated or angry customer eager to have their problems solved.

Wherever your business is located, there is an entire market of Spanish-speaking people that are ready to become a customer as long as you’re willing and able to take care of their needs. If you’d like to tap into and better serve these markets, consider working with a call center that offers bilingual answering services for businesses of all backgrounds and sizes.

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