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Spanish Speaking Call Centers, and How they Can Benefit Your Company

According to Pew Research, Spanish is spoken by more than 37 million people in the United States. The number of Spanish speakers is also increasing at an incredibly rapid pace, with the total number up 233% since 1980. With this type of population base speaking the language, you could be cutting into a huge portion of your potential client base if you don’t have effective means for communicating with existing or potential future customers in Spanish.

Next to English, Spanish is by far the most commonly spoken language in the country. Even though many of those people are bilingual, for many of them it is more comfortable to speak in their native language. By utilizing a Spanish call answering service, you are already taking a great step towards improving customer satisfaction and improving the perception of your organization.

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Putting the Customer Needs Above Your Own – In Spanish

For many companies, the cost of hiring a large contingent of Spanish speaking staff can be difficult and cost prohibitive. Even if you already have Spanish speakers on the payroll, the likelihood of having enough in the right positions is slim. However, a call center with Spanish speaking professionals can provide an easy way for you to serve all incoming callers in Spanish who prefer to operate in that language.

If a customer calls into your business and feels understood and listened to, they’re going to be much more likely to both return as a customer, and to recommend your company to other people. Simply by serving them in their language of choice, you’re demonstrating that you put the comfort and needs of your customers at the forefront of how you do business. This is an excellent way to build a reputation for great service.

Cost-Effective Customer Care With Spanish Call Centers

The demand for fluently bilingual employees is high, which means that they can in many cases demand a pay premium. However, because bilingual call centers provide services to so many different clients, you can utilize their services for a small portion of what it would cost you to provide similar bilingual customer service under your own banner. At a low cost to your organization, you can help serve one of the fastest growing demographics in the country by having a Spanish-speaking call center workforce at your disposal.

The reality of the situation is simple. If your business is doing so well that you can afford to ignore roughly 37 million potential customers, then you can probably do without a Spanish-speaking call center answering service. On the other hand, if growing your client base in that population is important to you, its time to start exploring your bilingual options.

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