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Having an 800 number for your business helps establish credibility, trust, and can even help you pull in additional revenue.

When people are searching online for a product/service or see your phone number advertised somewhere, the number they see makes an instant impression. Why else would vanity number be a thing? But we’re not here to discuss how 1-800-TRY-FOOD makes an impression. However, we are here to talk about the benefits of the first part of that number. And that’s the 800 portion.

First things first, an 800 number doesn’t necessarily have to strictly be “800” and in fact, it can be hard to get those numbers. Fortunately, 8xx still counts and everyone recognizes it as a nationwide number.

So what does having an 800 (or 8xx) number do for businesses?

Anyone who wants to do business with an established, credible company instantly gets that vibe when they see an 800 number. It’s professional, conveys an image of trustworthiness, and even helps a lot of businesses seem bigger than they really are.

In short, people are more likely to call an 800 number when they are looking to engage an experienced company. More phone calls translate to more leads, sales, and business opportunities.

Local phone numbers are fine for small time companies like local restaurants that don’t need to try to appeal to anyone outside their neighborhoods. In fact, some businesses will have both a local and an 800 number so that they can pull in those local calls while also engaging larger markets.

800 numbers go beyond just businesses with physical locations or companies that provide regional services. It extends to ecommerce as well.

Did you also know that a majority of online shoppers will not call if you don’t have an 800 number? If you combine an impressive, but easy to navigate website with an 800 number, your chances of getting people to call you skyrocket. The next thing you need is a person to answer that 800 number.

It has also been said that companies who have professional representatives to answer calls to an 800 number, on average, will get larger orders and they are also more likely to get more repeat business.

Did you know that Acena offers 800 numbers as a part of our answering service?

Unless you are running around the clock shifts at your company, (which are expensive to staff), why not hire Acena to answer those calls? You get a free 800 number included in your service plan!

Give us a call, let us set up your 800 number and professional answering service today!

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