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Starting a business is the thrill of a lifetime. Building that new company into a successful one is where the real work is.

At Acena, we help plenty of startup businesses get up and running. We become their first line of contact with our virtual receptionists services. We provide a professional caller experience that lends credibility to new brands. We also help callers schedule appointments, place orders, get technical support, screen/transfer callers, and take messages when appropriate as well.

Working with all types of different entrepreneurs and startups has taught us some things. What we have learned is that starting a business is easier than making a business into a success and sustaining it for several years. You have to be of hearty stock, have patience, persistence and the fortitude to work long hours.

You also have to know when you need help. You may be great at sales or be and R&D genius, but more often than not, you won’t be great at everything. And even if you are awesome at a lot of things, it’s extremely challenging to find the bandwidth and time to do them all effectively. If it’s not the time commitment or unbalanced budget, then most often, businesses end up failing because the person who had the temerity to build a startup is rarely the person who will enjoy dealing with the mundane, everyday tasks which keep a business running.

It’s important to build a reliable team as soon as possible without over-committing your budget. Keep in mind that a strong team is necessary, but employees are the biggest expenditure. In today’s gig economy, it’s easier than ever before to put together a team without ballooning your payroll. No longer is it necessary to hire someone on as an employee and take on all that entails. You can simply contract for services with individuals or companies who have the skills you need for certain aspects of your business. Outsource things like IT support, receptionist duties, book keeping, and if you need office space, look for inexpensive shared space buildings.

The most important thing is not to simply hand things over to someone else. If a working relationship ends, businesses without knowledge of that area are left with the huge task of starting over. It is of the highest importance that you force yourself to be educated about all aspects of your business, and to keep control of who has access to parts of your company which can cripple you if they choose to do harm.

And remember, all work and no play is not good. Even when you are starting a new company. It is very important you don’t lose friends and family to your work. Take time to enjoy life a little. Schedule time for days off, for lunches or dinners with your people. Yes, you are going to probably work harder than you ever have in your life, but if all you have is work, that’s not enough.

If you have a startup business or are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, contact us to learn more about the knowledge we have gained over the past decades and how we can even help your business become the success it is meant to be!

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