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Reassuring Customers With Privacy Guarantees

In many lines of work, customer privacy is absolutely at the core of the customer service experience. When this is the case, you want to be sure and take every step possible to reassure your customers that their privacy is being protected. When you involve third party contractors of any kind in your business operations, including an answering service, you need to make sure that you’re doing business with a company that puts your client’s privacy front and center.

When Privacy is Important

If you’re working in an industry like the financial services industry, health care, or in a legal profession, privacy is not only important, it is required. These industries are all governed by professional and legal guidelines that ensure individuals’ private information is well protected. By letting customers in these industries know that your answering service agents are trained in privacy regulations, you reassure them that they can entrust their messages to the answering service in complete confidence.

When Isn’t Privacy Important? Never!

Just because you don’t work in an industry that is inundated with privacy regulations doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your clients’ privacy seriously. In fact, by reassuring clients that you’re taking steps to protect all of their private information, you set yourself apart from your competitors when your industry isn’t bound by universal privacy regulations. Customers feel safe in the hands of a company that takes extra measures to protect their information, and that can certainly be a factor in repeat sales down the road.

Making Sales Through Privacy Assurances

Sometimes, a caller may want to make a purchase directly from an answering service agent. If you have given your agents access to your sales system, this is certainly something that you will want to facilitate when an easy sale comes in to their line. If you can provide privacy assurances to your callers, you may tip a few over the line and convert some easy sales.

Protecting credit card and billing information is the chief privacy concern for many people who make purchases online or over the telephone. A simple reassurance that all information will be confidential and protected can make a person confident enough to make the purchase they were considering. This is a great way to encourage people to make the purchases that they are already clearly interested in.

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