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What are Virtual Receptionist Services and How Do They Function?

When you hear the phrase “virtual receptionist,” do you imagine some sort of detached robotic voice suspended somewhere “in the cloud” and giving your callers menu options in a flat, computer-generated monotone? If that’s your impression, you need to keep reading and learn how virtual receptionist services actually work, and how much they can help your business.

Virtual Receptionists Provide Pleasant, Professional, and Personable Interactions for Your Callers

The “virtual” in “virtual receptionist” simply means that the receptionists working as part of your team don’t have to be sitting in your office. They’re still real people, fully trained in general call handling and customer service methods and specifically educated on your business and your way of doing things. An virtual receptionist service staffed with truly professional receptionists will answer your calls promptly, courteously, and reliably, every time. And because virtual receptionist services typically cost less than paying a full-time (or even part time) employee, you can save money while still making sure crucial business functions are handled at the same time.

Virtual Receptionists – Seamless Integration, Powerful Resources

24x7 Phone Answering Solution

The impact can be profound and far-reaching, but the setup couldn’t be simpler. You can set up your virtual receptionist with a new phone line or multiple phone lines, and/or use your existing business phone number(s) to give your customers perfect continuity of service. Depending on the options you select, your virtual receptionist can answer all of your incoming calls, overflow calls when your office phones are busy, after-hours calls that come in on nights, weekends, or holidays, or whenever you feel like it. A 24-hour virtual receptionists service makes it easy to flip your phone lines over on-demand.

When your virtual receptionist is standing by, customers who dial your numbers will reach a live person sitting at a desk at an off-site location. But the caller doesn’t know any different as the receptionist will warmly greet them and proceed to provide assistance as if they were sitting right there in your office. They will be able to provide basic information about your business, answer many common questions, set appointments, process payments, and handle many other over-the-phone tasks without disrupting you or your staff.

Finally, when calls come in that require your attention—as determined by criteria you set—calls can be transferred to any landline or cell phone for an immediate connection. Like any receptionist, professional virtual receptionists can determine who is best in your business to handle each individual call, and can transfer calls accordingly. And of course, accurate messages can be taken and communicated to you at your convenience.

Virtual Receptionists Boost Efficiency and Profitability

Think of what your business could do if you are never interrupted by an unnecessary phone call again, while resting easy that all of your callers are receiving top notch customer service. Let your staff focus on the tasks they were hired to do while you focus on the most important tasks that you are qualified to manage. Want to learn more or find out for yourself how our virtual receptionist services work? Start your free trial today!

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