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Improve Your Business’s Phone Presence With These Tips

Customer service is the cornerstone of any good business, and it’s just as important over the phone as it is during in-person interactions. Here are three tips for ensuring that your phone presence exceeds the mark, keeping your customers smiling and ensuring they’ll keep calling back.

Choosing Numbers that Add to Your Bottom Line

What happens when a call is answered is certainly important, but many businesses overlook of the actual phone number their customers are calling. A toll-free or “800” number is great for many businesses, but a local number can actually be preferable depending on your target market and the image your business aims to achieve.

Branded or “vanity” numbers can also provide a boost to your business, in many circumstances. They’re easier to remember, descriptive of your products and services, and they’re easier for customers and sales reps alike to share.

Get the Right Voice for Your Brand

Whether it’s live or part of an IVR phone system, the voice(s) customers encounter when they call your company is a big part of the impression they form of your business. Make sure it’s always friendly and courteous, of course, and try to meet the other characteristics you’d like people to associate with your company, as well.

You can even consider hiring a voice talent who specializes in phone systems to provide recorded greetings and branded messages.

Be Ready to Answer the Call

Mobile phones are everywhere, and their capabilities grow by the day. Customers are conducting more and more of their business from mobile phones, and when they find something they like it’s that much easier to press a button and make the call. Many analysts are predicting that phone calls to businesses of all size will increase as a result, reversing the trend that the Internet first started—make sure you’re ready.

Bumping up your inbound call handling capabilities is a wise move if you’re hoping to grow, regardless, and the current trend in mobile use makes the need all the more pressing. Whether it’s through expanding your own team or partnering with an answering service, get ready to handle higher call volumes while still providing the stellar service your customers are after.

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