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Attorneys – Don’t Miss That After Hours Call: Here’s Why

You’re out of the office in court and the office receptionist is out sick or on vacation. What do you do when a potential client calls? By partnering with an answering service for attorneys, you can connect with more clients and leave the worrying behind when it comes to missing any calls new potential business!

The legal industry operates under a professional and efficient manner. In court, with clients, or preparing for a case, attorneys are extremely busy people. Regardless of the type of law – the job of a lawyer or attorney can be very demanding and hectic. The first person a client speaks to represents your potential clients first impression of your law office as a whole. In this case, professional answering services for a law firm makes perfect sense. A call center can quickly achieve the task of receiving necessary information to pass along to your company. Answering every question your clients have about appointments, fee’s, and deadlines can be time consuming and tedious. By allowing a live call center to take these calls for you when your lines are busy or after business hours you are given optimal time to handle clients with sensitivity and understanding.

            Hiring a quality answering service can also more affordable and flexible than hiring an office receptionist to take calls, especially when you take into consideration the required days off, vacation time, sick days, and added salary of a new employee. When hiring a receptionist service, you are only paying for the times they are taking calls on your behalf. Furthermore, a receptionist will only work during normal business. Unfortunately, people have legal problems in the middle of the night, on weekends, during holidays, and yes, even after 5:00pm just after you’ve stepped out of the door. When clients call during these times they are hoping to speak with someone who hears their concerns and can relay their message so they are not left wondering if your company voicemail ever gets checked. A live call center will be available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This allows your company to never miss a call again.

            When applicable, it is important to hire an answering service that is compliant with all data protection laws. This ensures that any and all sensitive information passed on to call center agents will be handled in a secure way with a high level of privacy. Agents who work for a law office call center are trained to handle sensitive information and may even have a general understanding of FACTA  laws. Maintaining the highest level of customer care from the first phone call leaves a lasting impression on all current and potential clients. Having someone on hand to accurately gather information when you are not available can help your business to grow exponentially. Partner with a legal answering service today.

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