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5 Ways to Give Your Answering Service Operator a Hand and Keep Your Customers Content

We love our business, and our virtual receptionists love their work—they wouldn’t be with us so long if they didn’t—but that doesn’t mean we have it easy. Our staff takes pride in being able to handle periods of high, non-stop inbound calls with confidence, clarity, and ease, and of handling even the most difficult calls with friendliness, professionalism, and compassion. Despite our dedication and our capabilities, though, there are a few things you can do to help us out.

1. Be Ready to Answer the Calls You Consider Important

We’re here to save you time by screening and answering calls, using information you provide to respond to basic questions, and even set appointments and process orders if you want us to. On your direction we also transfer calls to your direct line based on important criteria you set, and it’s very helpful when you’re actually able to pick up the phone for these calls (during the hours you tell us you’re available, of course). Of course we understand that is not always possible, but when you’re not there, we get a second or third call from a less-than-happy customer, and that’s no good for anyone’s business!

2. Provide Reliable, Up-to-Date Information

Think of your answering service like a business partner, and the front line of customer service provisions for your over-the-phone business. When things change at your company, let us know just like you let all of your in-house staff know, so we’ll be able to provide your callers with the most accurate and current information.

3. Respond to Your Phone Messages Promptly

Again, this is important for you and your customers just as it is for us. We are very diligent when it comes to accurately recording any message left with our virtual receptionists and transferring the pertinent information to you on a schedule of your choosing. If you don’t respond to customer messages quickly, we end up with an unhappy customer calling back, which takes up everyone’s time and diminishes the returns you’ll see on your answering service investment.

4. When We Ask, Please Answer

We’re usually pretty thorough about gathering basic information about your business when you sign up for our inbound call center services, but you (and we) might be surprised by some of the common questions we start getting from your over-the-phone customers. If we request additional information from you, try to give us a comprehensive answer as soon as possible. It will help us better serve your customers and take up less of your time in the long run.

5. Answer Your Phones as Pleasantly as We Do

We’re all interested in giving your customers the best service possible. When a customer gets transferred from one of our inbound call professionals to a surly or rushed voice in your office, it gives customers a mixed impression and could lead to negative call-in experiences that look bad for everyone. Our live agents will take care of most calls, and every call is answered with a smile—try to ensure the same in your office to maximize your rewards and make our calls that much more pleasant.

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