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How a Fast Response Answering Service Can Win Over Unhappy Customers

Do you know how many calls you miss in a day? How many unhappy customers call after or during normal business hours? What about customers who have a complaint or a concern and end up with a dropped call because of busy lines? Customers who find a competitor or another business to go with? A responsive answering service is an easy and affordable solution to this problem .

The most important part of any business is taking care of your customers and clients. Whether you own a small or large company it is immensely important that the people seeking your products or services come first. Unfortunately, business hours are usually 9-5. However, emergencies, questions, and concerns happen around the clock 24 hours a day and clients want answers immediately. How can you, as a business owner, cater to every need of your clients every hour of the day? The answer is simple and begins with exactly that – an answer. Hiring an answering service to take calls on your behalf insures that you will never miss another phone call. Answering service centers have staff around the clock waiting to take calls for you after business hours. These centers also allow you to be freed from the mercy your phone lines and enable you to handle every call without dropping future clients when switching between calls.

                It is likely that at some point in your business career, whether short or long, you have experienced the nightmare of busy phone lines and not enough people to take the calls. This is possible even when a company hires a receptionist whose job is strictly to take calls. For this reason, clients are put on hold for long periods of time and some calls are dropped between switching lines – not to mention the demanding price tag on hiring another staff member. When hiring a local answering service, you can rest assured that there will be one agent assigned to each call that is taken on your behalf. This ensures lower wait times and voids any concerns of dropped calls because of busy phone lines.

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The low cost of a typical answering service is a small investment that allows your business to bring in greater revenue. Averaging about $1 per call. Your company will only pay when the call center is taking calls on your behalf. Calls are only outsourced if your business is currently unavailable to answer them.

                Why risk clients who are angry from dropped calls or left unanswered after standard business hours? The solution is simple. Win over any customer for 24/7 customer support and service that leaves each and every client feeling valued and well taken care of.