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How an Elevator Answering Service Operates

Elevator service and repair companies who don’t use a live answering service are risking dissatisfied customers and missed opportunities.

It seems so simple. Someone calls your elevator repair and servicing business, the call goes to the inbound call center you’ve partnered with, a message is taken, and then you receive all the details you need to begin your repair process. The benefits of having an answering service acting as a phone-call middleman seem rather negligible, but that’s how it works, right?

Not if you know how to select a more responsive and more capable call center—one that runs in a way that provides a true boost to your efficiency and your service provision efforts.

An answering service answers incoming phone calls, sure, and there are some real benefits there when it comes to affordability, flexibility, and time management. Understanding how these simple improvements can have a profound impact on your elevator business is important. And these are just the beginning of how a fully-functional inbound call center can help make your business more responsive to customers and more profitable for you.

Call Centers Move with the Ups and Downs of Elevator Service Calls

The flexibility and scalability of your phone call answering staff is one of the key benefits your elevator business will receive when you partner with an inbound call center. You might get three calls at once and then go for hours without anything, and paying a single full-time receptionist is inefficient in both situations: not enough people answering calls in the former, and lots of paid time with no work on the other. An answering service functions by providing a team of receptionists to answer your calls as soon as they come in, and you don’t pay for any of the time they aren’t handling your calls.

Beyond that, answering services also provide after-hours and weekend/holiday call support, meaning those middle-of-the-night emergency callers can get to you with elevator repair requests without you needing to pay extra staff or face the constant interruption of monitoring your own phone calls for potential emergencies. When an emergency call meets the criteria you set, you get an immediate notification, otherwise the relevant information will be recorded and communicated to you at a later time that you determine.

Put simply, an answering service helps you provide your elevator repair and servicing customers with the personal, professional attention they want every single time they call, no matter when that call comes in or how busy you already are, while helping you get your work done and get the time off you deserve. It’s an express elevator to penthouse-level service, profitability, and work/life balance.

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