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Is becoming a “socially responsible” or “green” company a part of your 2019 business plan? Perhaps if it isn’t then it should be.

A recent article on focuses on what to expect from corporate responsibility in 2019. The gist of which is how companies on the Forbes top 100 list are changing their business practices over the next few years to focus more on reducing their operating costs, their carbon footprint and increasing the benefits it offers to their employees.

These increases range from eliminating gender and race pay discrepancies, offering benefits to women and men with families and encouraging corporate acts of community service during working hours.

Why do this? Well, in some instances implementing strategies for energy efficiencies and such will save money. In other instances, doing things to be a more responsible entity is something which can serve to attract sought after employees or improve brand image.

But speaking of hiring new employees, the article also discusses how businesses are finally beginning to take diversity hiring seriously. And it’s not simply because they want to avoid a bad reputation. In fact, companies are realizing that a more well-rounded team brings more insight, perspective, and value to the organization.

From a more balanced workforce to implementing environmentally friendly initiatives, there are many ways you can change the way you do business in 2019 to boost your brand image and achieve greater success. Speaking of improved images and more success, that’s exactly what our 24×7 Answering Services are designed to assist your business with. A renewed dedication to customer service can also have a massively positive impact on your company.

What makes your company stand out from the rest? You will want to think of a good answer for this questions, because prospective employees as well as potential customers are going to want to know.

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