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Legal professionals who are part of small and medium sized law offices enjoy great benefits from specialized attorney answering services.

Clients with questions, other attorneys with quibbles to raise, witnesses with updates, courts calling to confirm appearance times—the number of calls a typical lawyer’s office receives each day can be staggering, and the constant ringing and need to answer can be a disruption to the real work the office is trying to get done. There are often only one or two pieces of information a caller might have that are actually pertinent to a case or other legal proceeding, and finding a way to get that information without time wasted on a lengthy phone call can be crucial to running an efficient law practice.

An answering service for attorneys could be just the solution your law office needs. Using a team of offsite virtual receptionists gives attorneys a way to ensure that every call is answered quickly and courteously, using personalized greetings that present each firm in the best light possible while avoiding the interruptions and inefficiencies caused by the inundation of incoming phone calls. You can reduce expenses, shorten task lengths, and improve your legal services, too.

Lawyers Love Call Centers For a Reason

24x7 Call Answering For Law OfficesYou can’t perfectly predict your law office’s incoming call volume, and even if you could it would be impossible to address it effectively with in-house staff. You might have three calls coming in one minute and then none for an hour. Either you:

  1. Hire multiple receptionists and let them sit around idle much of the time
  2. You have highly-trained (and highly-paid) paralegals or even associates divert their attention to answering phones when multiple calls come in
  3. Or you let calls go to a voicemail system whereupon any potential new client is more likely to hang up and dial the next lawyer rather than leaving a message and waiting for you to call back.

An answering service for law offices gives you a flexible, full-time (and after-hours) team ready to answer as many calls as you receive whenever you receive them, without costing you a penny when they aren’t on the phone with your callers. Top-notch customer service without the high cost of in-house employees. Plus, an answering service can take care of many of the basic over-the-phone tasks that take up so much of your staff’s time, including appointment setting, client intake, accurately recording requested information and communicating it to you at your convenience, payment processing, and answering basic non-legal questions about your business and your services.

Get On Board With a Legal Answering Service for Your Law Office Today

Lawyers who partner with the right call center only have one regret: not signing up sooner. Allowing a professional virtual receptionist for lawyers to handle your calls means freeing up your office for greater profitability and better client care. Go the extra mile for your law practice and everyone who depends on it, and do it all without breaking a sweat.

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