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Answering Service for Hospices

Hospice care is all about making patients and their families more comfortable, easing the physical pain and emotional stress that can accompany end-stage disease. Anything that makes care more responsive and less uncertain can have a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the hospice’s services and the quality of life patients report. Something as simple as more rapid and more accurate communication can greatly improve the experience of care in a hospice setting.

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An answering service is an efficient, affordable, and increasingly necessary way to ensure that hospice nurses and other medical and support staff are reachable at a moment’s notice, while at the same time providing an intermediary that makes sure these professionals aren’t interrupted unless a situation truly warrants it. Patients and family get the care and support they need, quickly and reliably, while those providing the care and support get the time management required for them to carry out their tasks effectively.

Hospice Care is More Reliable with Answering Service Professionals

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Every on-site employee in a hospice care setting is directly and intimately engaged in promoting greater quality of life for hospice patients. From orderlies who keep the hospice environment clean to the doctors and nurses who monitor patient well-being, the services provided in a hospice are all essential to carrying out the primary function of a hospice.

If these same employees are tasked with fielding incoming phone calls and determining appropriate contacts and courses of action, the responsiveness and reliability of the care they provide will necessarily suffer—with less time devoted to the most essential services, quality of life for everyone in the hospice is diminished.

A professional answering service for hospice with off-site receptionists trained in handling medical-related calls provides an effective solution that frees up hospice workers’ time while simultaneously increasing reliability. Consistent decisions will be made in terms of call forwarding and contacting medical professionals, and call data can be tracked and analyzed to identify trends that can lead to an improvement in response times and service provision throughout the hospice.

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Answering Service Make In-Home Hospice Care More Effective

It isn’t just larger hospice care institutions that can benefit from a partnership with a reliable answering service. In fact, in-home hospice care providers and patients can see tremendous improvements in care when a reliable answering service is used to connect family members with hospice nurses and care providers. Non-emergency information can be recorded and communicated to medical professionals on a convenient schedule, while more urgent calls can be put directly through to the nurses providing hospice care.

Anything that improves the efficiency and availability of hospice nurses and workers to provide the care their patients truly need is a benefit to everyone involved in providing palliative care. An answering service is a fundamental step towards modernizing care and ensuring professionals, patients, and family members are all given the support they need.

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