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Accuracy in All Things Will Greatly Improve The Customer Experience

One of the most effective customer service tips for companies in any sector involves stressing accuracy in all aspects of an operation. Accuracy, or a lack thereof, can greatly affect the overall customer experience. When accuracy is maintained, the result is a happy customer that will hopefully be a long-time advocate for your brand. When accuracy suffers, the consequences range from a lost customer to someone who will actively put a bad review of your company out into the public eye, which is obviously something that should be avoided at all cost.

What Types of Accuracy Are Important

The easy answer would be to say that all types of accuracy are important, but that statement is a little too vague to provide an actionable strategy for managers. While many types of accuracy are important in business, start by focussing on financial and shipping accuracy, order accuracy, and accuracy when dealing with customer complaints or support requests. If you can at minimum remain accurate in these areas of your operations, the result will be a large contingent of satisfied customers.

Financials and Shipping

Accuracy when it comes to financial matters and shipping are important because mistakes in this area can directly impact your clients’ bottom lines. If you accidentally over charge a customer, or double charge their account, you can bet that they are going to be extremely unhappy. In addition, an order sent to the wrong address can cause unnecessary delays and other difficulties for your customers. Having some type of redundancy system where all financial and shipping information is double confirmed before action is taken on an order can help avoid these types of problems.

Order Accuracy

Order accuracy is also extremely important. In many cases, sending the wrong order is as frustrating as sending no order at all. Even little details, such as the color of an item, can be critically important to customers in certain lines of business. Always double check each and every specific of an order, no matter how insignificant it may seem to be.

Post Sale Customer Support

Finally, don’t forget that specificity and accuracy is important when customers have support issues or complaints. If you don’t pass along the specifics of a customer issue to the correct department, your client may end up having to repeat themselves or correct your representatives. This adds frustration to an already difficult situation, and could be completely avoided by stressing to your employees that accuracy is highly important when dealing with these types of issues.

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