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3 Ways an After Hours Answering Service Builds Business

Its closing time and just as your receptionist is about to clock out the phone begins ringing. He or she allows it to go to voicemail and makes a mental note to check the messages in the morning. Sounds like a great plan! However, recent statistics from Forbes magazine show that 80 percent of callers sent to voicemail do not leave messages. This means that the seemingly harmless act of clocking out of work on time can cost your business greatly. Luckily there is an easy solution to solving this problem without paying employee’s overtime. After hours answering services build business opportunities. Here are three ways that this service benefits your company!

  1. Standing out among competitors. Customers need to feel like their time is just as valued and important as your own. Don’t risk a tarnished reputation because of busy phone lines or dropped calls. Hiring an answering service for to answer call after hours not only insures that when your doors are closed your calls are being taken – it also insures that your customers feel valued and have someone to take their questions and concerns at all times. This allows your secretary and employee’s to have pre-gathered information on your client’s needs and the ability to solve their problems or answer questions faster.
  2. Personal touch in an automated world! Every day calls are taken by automated machines forcing customers to press buttons on a phone in order to explain why they’re calling and then left on a long hold before actually being sent to the correct voicemail. By hiring an after-hours call service center your company is able to maintain an impeccable level of customer service even when you are not on the clock. Staff members at the call center are readily available to answer calls and speak with your customers with the personal touch your customers and clients desire.
  3. Avoid voicemail all together. According to Forbes magazine 80 percent of people don’t leave voicemails simply because they do not believe they will ever be heard or called back. Each time a customer with this mindset reaches your company’s voicemail you lose one business opportunity. Maximize clientele and revenue by taking each opportunity you are given! Still not convinced your company can afford to hire a call center? One of the greatest parts of outsourcing calls to a call center is their affordability. Averaging about $1 per call, this is a small percentage of what your company could be making due to every client’s needs being met at all hours. You only pay when the call center is taking calls on your behalf.

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